Association Management

Professional leadership with years of experience is at your fingertips with this all-encompassing service offering that includes creative work, public relations, event planning, financial services and more.

The Mattison Corporation has over 20 years of experience serving non-profit associations. Mattison offers an hourly billing structure that is an affordable option for staffing such clients. We are proud of the work we do, and are happy to assist our clients with carrying out their mission.

Association management services include:

Leadership in day-to-day activities such as board and committee meetings
Event planning services for educational courses, trade shows, conferences, and banquets
Financial services which include: bookkeeping services, monthly financial statement, client invoicing, and budgeting assistance
Public relations such as: press releases, E-Newsletters, website content development, video production, and print publications
Event registration and database management
Sponsorship solicitations
Flyer and graphic design
Advertising and mailings
Membership development and tracking
Database management
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