Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Golf Outing

Have you ever been invited to or attended a golf outing? Have you ever considered hosting a golf event for your non-profit or company? Chances are you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions. And, rightfully so; golf outings are a great way to have fun, raise awareness for a brand or organization and possibly generate money, as well.

Just because golf outings are popular does not necessarily mean they are easy to plan and execute. In fact, there are many things that can go wrong that may ruin an event or make guests decide they won’t be attending next year. Today we share some dos and don’ts to ensure your next golf outing goes off without a hitch.


– Send out invites early. 

Planning for a successful and memorable golf outing can take months, so it is a good idea to get invitations out early. Those who send out invites too close to the event will likely not see an impressive turnout. Aim to have the invitations sent out – or at least a public posting of the event day and time made available – several months in advance of the event.

– Provide food and beverages.

Golf is an amazing sport… it is also a major commitment. Eighteen holes of golf will take a large chunk of the day. As such, it is vital that food and drinks be provided during the event. The last thing you want is hungry or dehydrated guests! Consider providing lunch either after your morning flight or before your afternoon flight and have light snacks and beverages available for golfers during the event.

– Have a rain plan in place.

Every golf course is different. Some courses allow golf to be played in light rain, others will ask that clubs be packed at the first drop. Find out what your golf course’s rain policy is for events, and make plans accordingly. Watch the weather on the day of the event and be sure to let players know what the plan is.

– Provide participants with compelling information about your organization.

Not every golf outing is also a fundraiser, but many are. Even if you aren’t trying to raise money during the golf outing, the event offers a unique opportunity to inform participants about your organization. Perhaps there is a fun fact about your organization at each hole, or maybe it is a simple brochure at the sign-in table. No matter how you present the info, it is important to have it.

– Send thank you notes.

Proper etiquette never goes out of style. If someone participates in your golf outing – especially if they paid a hefty entry fee – you should send a thank you note afterward. Take this opportunity to also thank them for any other involvement they had during the event, like winning the raffle or donating money, if applicable.

– Implement play time guidelines.

As we mentioned above, golf can take a while. This is to be expected, but you want to make sure the game doesn’t go too long and bore or tire participants. Implement guidelines to keep the speed of play as quick as possible, including making par the highest score on each hole and limiting the number of side activities on the course.

Do not…

Invite too few people.

There is generally a pretty high maximum number of players allotted per outing, so inviting more people, rather than fewer, is definitely the best bet. Cast a wide net with invites. It’s fine to not sell out an event, but ideally, you’ll have a packed house.

Miss an opportunity to generate more donations during and after the event.

If the event is a charity outing, guests likely paid admission that will go toward the organization’s cause. But, that doesn’t mean guests won’t want to contribute more. Additional donations should not be pushed, but there can be fun ways to generate more donations, like raffles, putting competitions or silent auctions.

Make a golf outing the only event held by an organization in a given year.

Some people simply do not golf, and as a result, wouldn’t be interested in attending a golf outing even if they support the organization. Host other events throughout the year – even if they are small – that appeal to people who may not come to the golf outing.

Utilizing these dos and don’ts will help you host a memorable, meaningful golf outing! Tell us, what other tips would you add to this list?